Are you a British Citizen with Hungarian roots? Worrying about impacts of Brexit to your European mobility, personal business interests or study plans? Why not obtain a Hungarian passport and remain a European citizen after Brexit?

útlevél_magyarDid you know that if your parents or grandparents were Hungarian citizens then you probably already are one as well – even if you did not know it!

You just need to have established this fact by the Hungarian authorities.

With our assistance you can obtain first a citizenship certificate from the Hungarian authorities and then a new, shiny and Brexit proof Hungarian passport!

The procedure is neither unbearable lengthy and nor prohibitively expensive.  Typically it is completed within six months and costs about £600.

You do not need to speak Hungarian, or to live in Hungary just to be able to provide the right trail of documents proving your parentage.

Apply for your new Hungarian passport through us and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of European Union citizenship while you travel to the continent, do business or acquire real estate or study at university.

Hungarian-European citizenship may, in some circumstances, also be obtained on advantageous terms by people married to Hungarian Citizens or whose children are Hungarian Citizens.  

You simply never know when and why your Hungarian-EU passport may be useful to you or your children.


I provide wrap around legal and administrative services for non-EU nationals while they move to Hungary long term.

tart engWe assist you to obtain the necessary local documents from residents permit through ID cards to registration with the Tax and Health Insurance authorities.

We can also help with finding a house/apartment and arranging a secure lease agreement with the landlord. We can also assist you when you say good-bye to Hungary and wish to de-register yourself: taking added and unnecessary stress out of an already complex situation.