About us

Dr. Szlávnits is active in the legal business since about 25 years but he has been responsible for obtaining residence and work permits and other official documents for about 700 Hungarian construction workers employed by a Libyan-Hungarian joint venture in Tripoli, Libya. He commenced his legal career as trainee lawyer at the legendary GANZ-DANUBIUS Shipyard and after passing his bar exam became full-fledged Hungarian ügyvéd (attorney-at-law) in 1990. In the early ‘90s he has worked in association with the well known international law firm, Jones Day Reavis & Pogue, at their Budapest office. Dr. Szlávnits, after having studied a lot during the high profile privatization and structured financing deals competed together with his American and European colleagues, opened his own law office in 1996, especially targeting the market of the small and medium size companies. His credo is simple: it is not necessary to go for high standard legal services to international law firms where you negotiate with experienced partners and the actual job is often done by trainee lawyers. It may be more worthwhile to buy the same service from a small law firm where you receive the service you need always from an experienced lawyer. Reliable services at reasonable price.

Our major field of activity is the commercial-business law, but we also pay close attention to our litigation and ADR praxis. Dr. Szlávnits is well known for his (doctor’s and auditor’s) malpractice litigation too. As a specialty, he advises musical artists and cultural institutions.