LAW OFFICE SZLÁVNITSIf ever, during these years of global uncertainty, where both Britain and Europe are convulsed by the Brexit, where the fetishized economic growth is fragile enough and where citizens feel themselves vulnerable against state authorities you need more than ever to be careful while handling your personal and business affairs. Now is the time to thoroughly analyse and double-check your private and/or business position with assistance of an experienced lawyer before making big decisions about the future.

In the 33 years of service my watchwords have always been: Listen, be careful and be loyal.

Law Office Szlávnits: reliable private and company client services from a Budapest law firm proud of our clientele and confident about our future together.

Call us at +36 20 214 4441, write us to laszlo@szlavnits.eu  or visit us to discuss how can we help you. Our office is located at the Buda bridgefoot of the famous Lánchíd (Chain Bridge) at 3 Krisztina Square, First Floor # 6.


There’s indeed a whole world between 1985, when I’ve started my legal career and our days. Just one thing that has not changed at all: I do not view advocacy as a mere business but a honourable mission. Therefore, I do not take on each and every case only those that come in line with my own professional and moral standards. When I am positive that my client has right. Then, I represent his/her interests with my full capabilities without unnecessary compromises. I advocate for the diligent, hard-working businesspersons, for the honest and good faith citizens fighting for their rights. It can be done with a firm spine only. It’s a nice mission, enough for the whole life. 

dr. László Szlávnits


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